TB Wise Investment was launched in 2004, and has been managed by Tony Yarrow since launch. The fund sits in the Wise OEIC, alongside TB Wise Income and Evenlode Income. In the difficult conditions of its first twelve years, which have included the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09, the near break-up of the Euro in 2011-2, and the collapse of commodity prices in 2014-6, the fund has produced a return for its investors of 7.0% per annum compound, net of tax and all charges.

Wise Investment is a fund of funds. Most funds of funds invest in open-ended funds (unit trusts and OEICs). A much smaller number invest in closed-ended funds, otherwise known as investment trusts. Wise Investment does both, choosing funds on the basis of the quality of the managers, and on the value of the assets.

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Prices & Performance

Reasons to invest in Wise Investment

  • Global remit

    Allowing diversification across geographies, sectors and asset classes.

  • Long-established process

    Which has been developed over the last thirty years.

  • Unique blend of investment vehicles

    Combining unit trusts and investment trusts, with the mix changing in line with market conditions.

  • Flexible remit

    Allows the fund to hold unlimited cash in adverse markets.

  • Fund manager has a large personal holding.

Fund Manager

Tony Yarrow

Tony specialises in managing investment portfolios and runs our TB Wise Investment and TB Wise Income funds.  Tony’s process begins with economic, market, fund and company analysis. Fund management for him is the process of putting ideas into action.

Tony has amassed a wealth of experience and qualifications, including an MA in History from Cambridge University and the Investment Management Certificate, as well as numerous financial advice qualifications.

Outside work, Tony enjoys walking, gardening, beekeeping, being part of a large family, and supporting charitable causes in the local community. 

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