TB Wise Income is listed in the IA Flexible sector, which allows the fund manager an unusually wide remit, looking for the best income-producing assets in shares, fixed interest, commercial property, and infrastructure including renewable energy. When other assets look unappealing, the fund can hold an unlimited quantity of cash.

Dividend Info

A Inc Shares 0.75 B Inc Shares 0.81
A Acc Shares 1.33 B Acc Shares 1.41
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Prices & Performance

Reasons to invest in Wise Income

  • High Yield

    TB Wise Income has produced a high level of quarterly income, including through the challenging environment of 2007-9. Investors who have held the fund since launch have received dividends totalling more than half their starting capital.

  • A well-defined process, consistently applied

    TB Wise Income’s value-based approach filters out fashionable and over-valued assets. All fund holdings must satisfy our income criteria. Investments are sold once they reach target valuations.

  • Diversification

    TB Wise Income isn’t a closet tracker or a me-too income fund. We have found over a long period of investing that genuine diversification across asset classes improves returns while reducing volatility.

  • Flexibility

    TB Wise Income is listed in the IA Flexible sector, which imposes no minimum or maximum levels of investment in any asset class. There is no restriction on the level of cash that can be held.

Fund Manager

Tony Yarrow

Tony commenced his career as a financial adviser in 1984, and began managing funds in 1988. He has been managing investment funds continuously since then. He founded Wise Investment in 1992, to help people manage their investments and financial affairs. The company’s aim from the beginning has been to build relationships on understanding and trust, rather than selling products.  

Tony specialises in managing investment portfolios and runs our TB Wise Investment and TB Wise Income funds.  Tony’s process begins with economic, market, fund and company analysis. Fund management for him is the process of putting ideas into action.

Tony has amassed a wealth of experience and qualifications, including an MA in History from Cambridge University and the Investment Management Certificate, as well as numerous financial advice qualifications.

Outside work, Tony enjoys walking, gardening, beekeeping, being part of a large family, and supporting charitable causes in the local community.  

Key details
IA Sector Flexible
Launch date 3 October 2005
Fund value £64.4 million
Holdings 46
Historic yield 5.1%
Dividend ex dates 1 Mar, Jun, Sep, Dev
Dividend pay dates end Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan
Valuation time 12pm
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